​​​Laura Madden, Principal

Excellence for the Greater Good is the vision of Laura Madden, who has worked for the past 30 years in public policy, advocacy, government and political affairs in Washington DC.  Her passion and approach with a project or initiative is always to seek ways to bring together diverse stakeholders around shared goals, managing coalitions, strategic and collaborative partnerships to achieve consensus that makes progress possible.  Her goal with EFTGG is to focus these skills to expand and empower purpose-driven causes and businesses.     

Skills and capacities:

  • Strategic Planning and Problem-Solving
  • Collaborative Partnerships and Coalitions
  • Project and Issue Management
  • Advocacy:  Grassroots and Targeted
  • Legislation and Public Policy
  • Federal, State and Municipal Government Affairs 

Excellence for the Greater Good is an initiative of Phoenix Consults LLC

The mission is to work and live in a vibrant sea of C’s:  coalition, collaboration, community, compassion, connection, creation and commitment.

Our process is to nurture ideas and strategies, working with Individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions – public, private and nonprofit – to vision, create, connect and propel high integrity initiatives for impactive action.

What is impactive action?

We are in a time of shifting ecologies – biology, environment and systems, both human and natural.  This is propelled by both exponential advances in science and technology and a evolutionary awareness of our interdependence and connectivity as human beings in partnership with each other, nature and the Earth.  This is creating a paradigm shift toward responsible individual and organization leadership and innovation.  It is influencing how we engage, work and live in a civil society and sustainable world. 

As visionaries we can take on problems that once presented daunting obstacles, viewed as impossible to resolve.  They are opening-up in front of us as new opportunities to utilize technology and new levels of access to information and intelligence – allowing us to forge new pathways for Creative Emergence and Impactive Action.    


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Excellence for the Greater Good

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