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Case Studies

Metropolitan Education and Training Center – St. Louis County Economic Council 

St. Louis County faced a monumental challenge to retool the workforce after the Defense Department cancelled plans to build the next generation fighter plane in St. Louis.  This resulted in the immediate loss of 20,000 jobs at McDonnell Douglas Corporation (now Boeing), with another 20,000 in the future, and forced the community to look at what could happen outside the fold of traditional defense contracting.  Working with the Economic Council, local universities and the community college system, the MET Center identified growth sectors for retraining and developed an innovative job training center and a network of small business incubators for technology transfer and new business opportunities.  It has served as a model for defense realignment and economic adjustment nationwide.   

Project Xcel– City of Fort Worth

Housing and infrastructure renovation in urban city centers presents challenges far different than greenspace development or new construction. This project worked closely with the EPA to approve the use of an innovative, expedited process to cleanup and demolish old housing stock that would "work around" cumbersome costly "traditional" procedures and allow the City to quickly construct new replacement housing and commercial space affordably and responsibly. 

TSCA Business/eNGOCoalition – Consumer Specialty Products Association

Industry and eNGO dialogue often ends in stalemate.  But this dialogue, led by a consumer products company trade association, brought together company thought leaders with determined environmental and public health advocates to work through tough issues to reached shared outcomes on the need to provide more robust information and regulation on chemicals used in products found in almost every home in America.  This unique coalition of companies and eNGOs was the impetus that eventually led to bipartisan agreement on legislation to update the US EPA's programs authorized under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).   

Watershed Protection and Sustainable Agriculture – Protected Harvest

The Chesapeake Bay has suffered from pollutants generated by enormous growth in the region.  Each segment of the input community has a responsibility to join the effort to reduce the levels of phosphorus and nitrogen that reach the Bay and cause often irreparable damage.  Building a  partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the US EPA Chesapeake Bay Watershed Protection Program allowed Protected Harvest, a grassroots technical services and advocacy nonprofit, to launch a regional stakeholder alliance to develop new standards and certifications to guide more sustainable production practices for use by dairy farmers in the Bay region. 

Grant tracking, Monitoring, Research and Writing - LegiServe   
Early notice and analysis of funding opportunities is key to nonprofit success to win grant awards that sustain their programs and service delivery.  By working closely with clients, LegiServe provides a responsive and targeted grant service to track federal, state and private grants, providing daily and weekly notice and key opportunity summaries to clients for an affordable subscription fee. Trained staff cull through public and private grant resources to identify opportunities of interest.  Services are also available beyond the grant notices to work strategically with the targeted agency, company or foundation partner to get more information, assist with the grant writing and development, as well as monitor awards. Given the strong municipal experience of the practice, we are especially skilled at working with Superfund, water resources, land use, green space, hospital/library/museum institutions, and public service programs for crime, housing, women, children and senior citizens.    

Meetings, Conferences and Special Events  - Professional Women in Advocacy Conference

CSEG is an expert at designing and coordinating events, conferences,meetings, fly-ins, board retreats, fundraisers, parties and sporting events.  They founded and organized the "must-attend" meeting of the Professional Women in Advocacy Conference that is now in its third year. This two day meeting for women in lobbying, politics, policy, advocacy, legislation, public affairs and communications draws hundreds of women from around the U.S. to discuss tools and techniques to work professionally and confidently in their business or cause.  PWIA also offers quarterly workshops and audio conferences.