No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. -- Robin Williams

How do we develop and share information on Greater Good Actions?

  • Through an interactive online presence -- blogs, social media and community networks to engage activists, consumers and thought leaders to share ideas and information on Greater Good Actions;
  • By hosting events and forums to highlight Greater Good Actions and educate on innovative purpose-driven solutions
  • And by facilitating partnerships with stakeholders to pursue consensus in the face of challenge.
  • Using social intelligence research, marketing and communications strategies to effectively identify and reach the right audience, increase awareness and build support.

Mission:  Excellence for the Greater Good supports and empowers the BOLD  challenge to business leaders, entrepreneurs, activists and citizens to positively impact the world by taking on some of the most serious global challenges as business and investment opportunities.  We want to broaden awareness and leverage EXCELLENCE in business and human performance in ways that will benefit the greater good.  Innovative actions by evolving corporations and daring entrepreneurs are doing just that -- and we want to share stories that can motivate even more action.  

The  goal and responsibility is to support and empower this incredible movement of purpose-driven business and effective altruism by sharing success and information with the public and exponential communities on Greater Good Action they can support, replicate and/or access.

Integrity, passion, strength, responsibility are high value attributes in today's compassion-driven marketplace.  How you manufacture, how you source, how you treat your workers and how you interact with your community are as important to customers as the quality and affordability of the product or service.  

But even more compelling is how technology and information are making it possible to develop and grow your business to scale while also building a better world.  Conscious decision making increases value in the marketplace and strengthens the partnerships and collaboration you need to achieve long term success and sustainability.   

The types of principles that motivate Greater Good Actions:

  • Responsibility for things that are greater than ourselves, that benefit others and that represent standards of well-being for all of us.
  • Responsibility for being respectful to others, for being inclusive, and for acting as a citizen of the global community.
  • Responsibility for supporting justice and peace, for supporting healthy social systems, for protecting the environment, and for contributing to the well-being of society.

BE Good.  DO Good.     

 EnVision, Attract, Connect. 

Our strength is building connections with passion and purpose.  Utilizing a strong Alliance Resource Network of professionals along the chain of performance we are able to provide a broad range of supportive services, including expertise in the field(s) of nonprofit capacity building/fundraising, private partnership, charitable giving, communications, marketing, meetings and advocacy.        

Other Services:

Organizing and building consensus through stakeholder dialogue.  Help convene forums, meeting, conference with business, citizens and nonprofits to work through issues and challenges preventing them from moving forward to implement meaningful change.  This can include conflict between like-minded nonprofits, between NGOs and business, between business and consumers and/or regulators. 

What does the Greater Good mean to you?  In your life, your work, your world?

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