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  1. To share information on bold challenges being taken on by purpose-driven business initiative (GreaterGoodWorks), beneficial impacts and outcomes in the community(s), workforce, issue they serve to benefit.  Will use social intelligence marketing tools and strategies to identify and target blogs, awareness building and events to key media and social networks;
  2. To launch a searchable public access BE Good DO Good database to grow the movement of GreaterGoodWorks by sharing information on how people can support, replicate and/or access the product/service/project.  Include an interactive Facebook site “Post-It” that encourages people to describe a greater good project and what it means to them (talk with 3M about sponsoring this);
  3. To use Best Practices to build on, facilitate and inspire more collaboration and action – at every level – to benefit the greater good; and
  4. To promote the concept of Greater Good Works, again through targeted social media, events, workshops, conferences to bring together visionaries, social entrepreneurs, research and policy leaders to dialogue around special areas of potential collaboration and challenge.   

Principles that motivate Greater Good Actions:

  • Responsibility for things that are greater than ourselves, that benefit others and that represent standards of well-being for all of us.
  • Responsibility for being respectful to others, for being inclusive, and for acting as a citizen of the global community.
  • Responsibility for supporting justice and peace, for supporting healthy social systems, for protecting the environment, and for contributing to the well-being of society.

Excellence for the Greater Good

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